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CHICAGO, IL / ICROWDNEWSWIRE/ March 15, 2021 — Maintaining health and wellness have been difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gyms, Fitness clubs, Sporting events, Travel, and Dining in restaurants have been closed for months. This may lead to depression, chronic stress, anxiety, anger, pessimism, and life dissatisfaction, and all these are associated with potentially harmful biological responses.

“A large body of study data now makes it clear that psychological health can impact a patient’s heart health, just as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia can, and that improving our patients’ psychological health is likely to lead to reduced cardiac risk down the road,” However, Dr. Munavvar Izhar recently explained that Holistic approach with mindful living leading to a balanced life and happiness is more important now than ever.

Dr. Munavvar Izhar, MD says that Holistic living is a complex topic. It’s not just practicing one particular style of healthy living. It’s living a balanced life with the mind, body, and soul in line. A Balanced Life for one may not be balanced for the other. Each person has to figure out a balance that suits them. Munavvar Izhar says that the issue is that most of us never try to balance our lives. We do not check how much work is too much work, do not test the activities that used to bring us joy. All we do is walk through life the same way we always have, hoping that something changes in our favor but doing little for it. If you want to lead a balanced life then you have to test things out for yourself personally. Munavvar Izhar MD emphasizes that a truly balanced life is one where we feel satisfied and happy at the end of the day.

Munavvar Izhar says that a “balanced” life is something that is always subject to the eye of the beholder. It is you that defines this term and therefore it is you who has to figure out what it means. There is no one definition that will fit everyone, and if you start living someone else’s balance you’ll find yourself imbalanced very quickly. Dr. Munavvar Izhar emphasizes to find your own way of doing things, balance your desires and joys with the things you perceive as musts, and make every day one where you can go to bed with a satisfied smile on your face!

Munavvar Izhar proposes a few mantras which can lead to a Balanced and Happy life:

  1. Be grateful at all times: Munavvar Izhar, MD says that no matter what happens in our life, there is always plenty to be grateful for. It can help us focus on finding solutions rather than complaining. It helps us stay positive and happy, even in tough situations.
  2. Be Positive & Cheerful. Even in the hardest and sad circumstances, one can choose to be positive. It’s a choice which always leads to good results.
  3. Be Kind & Generous: According to Dr. Munavvar Izhar even if by nature you are not kind or generous, force yourself to be kind and generous. Doing that will definitely generate good vibes and positive energy changing your surroundings and happenings.
  4. Change what you can and forget the rest: There are so many things that are out of our control, says Munavvar Izhar. Trying to gain control over them is only going to make us miserable. Focus on only the things that are in our control and let the rest be.
  5. Accept your fate & Be aware of your Mortality: We often try our best to change the flow of how things are designed to meet our expectations and when things don’t go the way we are stuck in the vicious cycle of depression and anxiety. Let go of trying to control what you can’t and accept things just the way they are. Be adaptive and accommodative. Resilience is always good! Says Dr. Munavvar Izhar.
  6. Don’t try to accomplish everything at the same time: We would like to accomplish a lot but oftentimes we put way too much on our plate at once which leads to burnout and an overwhelming feeling. Spare yourselves that torture mentions Munavvar Izhar, M.D.
  7. Always do the right thing and Be truthful: just the act of doing this will give you a feeling that the Almighty is with you. That generates a lot of positivity and self-esteem which is a cornerstone of success.
  8. Put in your best effort without anticipation of the result: Always leads to success and positive energy.
  9. Be Formless, Calm, and still:- Munavvar Izhar says that you may have noticed a happy person around you, you’ll see that the material possessions and desires do not control them. You put them in any situation, at any place; they’ll be the same calm and content in their mind. So practice and try to be formless and calm like water. This will give a sense of power and control. The moment you react or become angry you lose control!!
  10. Munavvar Izhar, M.D. says Use all your senses with calmness:– When our mind is at peace with heart, and we walk on the path of truth and self-realization, all our senses come together to work in proper synchronization. When you achieve this state, the feeling you get is incomparable!!

Munavvar Izhar MD said that following the above 10 mantras to live a balanced life will help you grow spiritually, intellectually, and physically as you age”. “This can actually stifle or reverse the aging process.” Munavvar Izhar expressed that in older populations, it can relieve the pain associated with chronic ailments and improve overall physical well-being.

Dr. Munavvar Izhar says following the above mantras of leading a balanced life will start generating “Happiness” in your life. However, there are other modalities to enhance happiness. “Gratitude and Forgiveness” are a cornerstone in achieving happiness. “Connection” and more importantly meaningful connection whether it be to a hobby, interest, people, or activity is also very important in generating happiness. Munavvar Izhar says that you have achieved happiness if all your rich friends are enjoying their lives spending a lot of money buying BMWs, Mansions, expensive cars or exotic vacations but you are having happiness by Reading books, Singing your favorite songs, Connecting with friends, Meditating, Eating your favorite food and loving yourself.

Munavvar Izhar also emphasized the art of living alone and being happy. Learning to be alone and content is a process and learning to love oneself is also a process. This can take a very long time and it all depends on how much effort you are willing to put into changing your lifestyle and way of thinking. Munavvar Izhar, MD says that distractions are really important if you want to be happy in your own company. He says that hobbies, interests and activities can make one lose themselves for many hours sometimes even forgetting to eat or drink anything. Dr. Munavvar Izhar says that once you have mastered the art of happiness you will realize that happiness is not dependent on other people or material possessions but is generated from within.

“Holistic, Balanced, and Happy life is critical to staying mentally healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Munavvar Izhar said, “The stresses this year has brought have been overwhelming. People are wondering what is going to happen to their jobs, how they’re going to continue homeschooling their children, and when they’re going to be able to enjoy time with friends and family again.”

“Returning to a more holistic way of life is more important than ever right now,” Munavvar Izhar said. “A holistic lifestyle is geared towards developing a happy, superior overall well-being.”

“If you’ve been working toward a more holistic lifestyle, now is the time to put what you’ve learned into action,” Dr. Munavvar Izhar said. “Stay in touch with the present moment, eat healthily, exercise regularly, take a moment to pause, reflect and enjoy your favorite hobbies throughout the day. These tools can be extremely helpful in keeping you mentally and physically healthy during these overwhelming COVID times.”


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